As 2021 came to an end, we spent a lot of time reflecting on this past year’s journey.

The rapidly-evolving public health directives, as well as school schedules and policies, have created lots of challenges for families.

These same factors have posed challenges for businesses such as ourselves. From having to pivot between virtual and in-person learning, to doing what we could to address the learning disruptions faced by youth, it’s been a busy year.

But now, we are choosing to focus on the wonderful memories and learning experiences we have shared with our community of students, parents, and teachers.

We’ve commemorated our journey of Fearless Learning in our 2021 Impact Report, which discusses our history, our vision for education, and the steps we are taking to help youth develop into confident and compassionate problem-solvers.

Read Our Impact Report

Our key takeaway from our Impact Report was how crucial our community has been to all of our successes. We want to take this opportunity to thank our families, educators, partners, and the rest of our supporters that make our work possible, and incredibly rewarding!

The main highlight of this year for us was the return to in-person programs. We loved finally having our students back in our facility, filling the space with laughter and joy!

Besides that, we’ve also achieved some goals that we are quite proud of, from launching our new website, expanding our EdSports initiatives through new tournaments, hosting our first-ever 3D Design Contest, and celebrating our fifth year anniversary as a company!

As you reflect on 2021, we encourage you to also focus on the wonderful memories and achievements of the year, both big and small.