STEM Minds offers project-based learning experiences that expose kids to the skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

By introducing kids to a variety of STEM careers, skills, and tools kids are able to create a direct connection between what they are learning and how it is applied in the real world.

This helps them translate their experiences into dreams for their own future and gives them the skills they need to reach those goals!

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Our 4 Pillars of Success

Many governments and organizations have recognized the need to give positive STEM experiences to youth. However, many approaches involve fragmented, ill-considered, and short- term programming that has little impact on student skills, confidence, or even interest in STEM.

Our founder and CEO experienced this with her own two children when she tried to put them in STEM programs. Sometimes, when you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. This is how STEM Minds was born.

The STEM Minds approach to STEM education is founded on 4 pillars that we believe are critical to our and our student’s success.

Programs designed and delivered by certified teachers and technical professionals

It is important to us that our programs feature the best and most accurate content. But learning is about more than just information. We believe that no learning can take place without the power of a great teacher. Our programs are designed and delivered by our expert team of certified educators and STEM professionals, combining the best of both worlds to create programs with the best and most current STEM content and an educational framework that understands how kids learn best.

Our team consists of a unique blend of OCT Certified Educators and STEM Professionals. This gives us the opportunity to provide an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience to kids that is grounded in expertise from both the fields of Education and STEM. Every STEM Coach has been through a rigorous vetting and training process to ensure that all kids get a high-quality experience that is targeted to their learning needs.

Long term engagement to build student skills

With other organizations, the general approach to STEM learning has been to run as many one-time learning opportunities as possible to reach as many people as possible. We believe in the power of these opportunities to inspire many people, but we know that it isn’t enough on its own. Building true impact involves long term engagement with youth so they can discover and explore fully realized learning pathways unique to their needs.

This is where STEM Minds comes in. We provide a wide range of programs in a wide range of settings so that youth can explore their passions over the long term. This builds stronger skills, more resilience, and more interest.

We offer our programs in a variety of settings, from ongoing programs in schools and in our headquarters, to school workshops, camps, and even online learning through the STEM Minds Online Academy. This means that no matter where you are or when you’re available, there is a chance for you to explore the world of STEM in a way that fits you.

Diverse program offerings to appeal to a wide range of learners

Say it loud for the people in the back; STEM is about more than just coding and robotics! Don’t get us wrong; we love coding and robotics (and so do our students)! But the world of STEM is about so much more.

We have developed a range of more than 20 unique programs designed to expose kids to the diversity of the world of STEM and to show them that no matter their interests there is a place for them. On top of coding and robotics, we also offer programs on 3D design, graphic design, entrepreneurship, public speaking, film and photography, web and app design, engineering, and more!

By giving youth the opportunity to explore their passions and discover their true interests without judgment, we open the door for them to use their skills to make a powerful impact on the world around them.

Investment in technology to ensure 1:1 hands on experience

The best way to learn something is to do it. Plain and simple.

We know that kids need lots of hand on experience in order to truly learn and understand the world of STEM. Plus, it’s just more fun to get hands on!

We have made a significant investment in technology resources in order to ensure a 1:1 hands-on experience in all our programs.

In our programs, students are given 1:1 access to equipment in order to ensure that everyone is spending as much time as possible actually DOING STEM, rather than just passively listening or waiting their turn. This means that students learn more, learn faster, and, most of all, are more engaged. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.