FTC Team: 24384 - One Way Robotics

Our Story

Our Journey

  • Team 24384 was born out of STEM Minds Classpack Robotics Club 2023-2024. The Robotics Club included 12 students 8-12 years old who we’re interested in Robotics and wanted to challenge themselves. The Class pack students were using Makeblock 10-1 Robot kits to learn the basics of construction and the design of robots. So, to inspire these students, 5 High School students from St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS and 2 Mentors from FRC Team 4343 decided to work together and compete in the FTC for 2023-2024 while inspiring students in the community. 

     First Mentor John Prickaerts joined us as a mentor to help us in Robot design and prepare for competition. 

     FRC Maxtech 4343 Mentor – Mr. Lorenzo Conte supported us with ideation and FRC equipment to make parts and prepare our robot for competition.

Our Awards

  • Motivate Award – Bolton Qualifier (Dec 16, 2023)
  • 3rd Place – Inspire Award – Bolton Qualifier (Dec 16, 2023)
  • Invited to Provincials (Feb 10th, 2023)

Our Engineering Portfolio and Presentation

Our Sustainability Plan

  • The team plans to be sustainable as a few of the high school students in Grade 10 will continue with the mission of inspiring the students from the robotics club to continue building their skills in robotics and join 24384 as they get ready. Maxtech 4343 will continue to mentor the team, given their strong relationship with STEM Minds as a neighbouring school, co-op site, employment site and more.

Our Team

  • Rik Bidani – Team Captain (Maxtech 4343)
  • John Szewczyk – Coding (Maxtech 4343)
  • Grisson Nesseth – Design Mentor (MaxTech 4343)
  • Erins Bozhori – Drive/Coding (Maxtech 4343)
  • Zoltan Fancsali – Robot Design
  • Noah Jornacion – Drive/Business (Maxtech 4343)
  • Alan Zheng – Business
  • Darin Khan – Aspiring to be
  • Hin Man So – Aspiring to be


  • Anu Bidani
  • John  Prickaerts

Our Community Engagement

  • STEM Minds is a social enterprise with a mission to make STEM education accessible for all. They host a number of events which are supported by High School leaders to inspire the younger students. This includes our team members who have been part of many events.
    • STEM Minds Community Nights
    • Aurora Street Festival and
    • many more STEM inspiration events hosted by STEM Minds.

Our Outreach

  • Our team members have always been involved in the community in many ways, from supporting community STEM nights to the Aurora Street Festival, even before we launched the team.

  • We plan to continue this support and inspire young STEM enthusiasts


  • Our fundraising plan was based on getting sponsorship from local companies in the York Region. We submitted requests to many companies and are grateful to our sponsors.

Our Sponsors

  • STEM Minds

  • Studica
  • Friends and Family: Faye Shen

Our Gallery

Fun at Bolton Qualifier

FTC Provincial Championship

Our Fun Journey at the FTC Provincial Championship at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Feb 9th/10th, 2024.

We had many challenges with breaking parts but we overcame those and played our last match with high score of 195 and ranked 29th amongst the best FTC teams in Ontario.

Championship Qualifiers

Practice Runs before competition