Our Environmental Commitment

We Believe in Environmenal Awareness and Commitment

At STEM Minds, we are dedicated to making meaningful STEM learning accessible, and helping youth develop into the next generation of leaders. For us, STEM and leadership are both inextricably linked to the environment.


STEM provides a wealth of knowledge about our planet, including its past and its future. STEM also promises vital technologies and innovations for addressing climate change, from carbon capture to the breeding of “super corals”.


When it comes to leadership, there will be no industry or sector left untouched by the changes our planet is undergoing. As future leaders, youth must be prepared to champion efforts to fight climate change, regardless of where their journeys take them.


We are committed to fighting climate change and protecting our planet. This commitment plays a significant role in how we make decisions as a business and is becoming increasingly integrated into the programs we design and offer to our community. Our team is continuously taking steps to learn more about our planet, and investigating ways in which we can advocate for and contribute to its protection. Below are some of the steps we are taking to achieve these goals.

Proud Smart Forest Stewards with Canada’s Forest Trust

As a Corporate Smart Forest Steward, STEM Minds has joined Canada’s Forest Trust to grow a  Smart Forest™ – and protect it forever. This will support STEM Minds’ mission to become net-zero by sequestering operational carbon emissions and preserving biodiversity for generations to come. To learn more about becoming a Smart Forest Steward, click here.

About CFT

Canada’s Forest Trust (CFT) is a leading ESG company that offers a nature-based solution to getting to net-zero by building Smart Forests™. With our proprietary tools and in collaboration with Forest Stewards (corporations, schools, communities and individuals), CFT is on a path to procure, prepare, plant, preserve and protect millions of acres of land across Canada.
CFT will sequester millions of tons of carbon. Our Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest built by CFT undergoes expert management and monitoring and will never be clear-cut. Smart Forests sequester CO2, rehabilitate ecosystems, learn from Indigenous land knowledge keepers, and boost the green economy. Smart Forests are smart investments for future generations.

Their 5 Phase Approach starts at procuring the land and ends with a Forever Forest Guarantee. Every forest built by CFT will undergo expert management and monitoring. Smart Forests benefit all Canadians as they sequester CO2, rehabilitate ecosystems, engage Indigenous land knowledge keepers and boost the green economy.


STEM Minds Smart Forest

STEM Minds is committed to offsetting its environmental impact.

In an effort to offset our ecological footprint and support wildlife, we are growing with Canada Forest Trust to undertake the following steps:

  • Establishing our STEM Minds Smart Forest with at least  2,000 seedlings
  • Collaborate with families in the STEM Minds community to fundraise and plant 1000 seedlings in year 1, with a target of 20% growth each consecutive year.
  • Make the growth and progress of STEM Minds Smart Forest transparent and accessible to everyone in the STEM Minds community.

Education & Awareness

STEM Minds believes that awareness is a key factor in reducing the environmental impact of the business and the individuals involved.

In an effort to educate and raise awareness around the connections between environmental impact and STEM, we have undertaken the following:

  • Launch a monthly blog series on specific topics related to technology and the environment.
  • Create a particular stream on Climate & Environment as part of our Youth Ambassador program.
  • Create an ongoing panel with STEM Minds students to give them a platform to raise concerns, issues, and potential solutions.

Net Zero Carbon Footprint

STEM Minds is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, continuously reviewing how all aspects of the business contribute positively or negatively to this amount.

In an effort to reach carbon neutrality, we have taken the following steps:

  • Track and monitor our carbon footprint on a yearly basis
  • Track trends in our carbon footprint and display these findings publicly and transparently with our community
  • We are growing with Canada’s Forest Trust to offset our emissions with STEM Minds Smart Forest

Environmental Programming

STEM Minds believes that education is a key factor in improving global environmental well-being and climate action.

In an effort to educate and raise awareness on the connections between environmental impact and STEM, we have undertaken the following:

  • Launch an Environmental Mastery Pathway as part of our STEAM Hub platform. 
  • Launch new afterschool and camp programming related to climate action and STEM.
  • Launch new workshop initiatives that allow students to further explore the connections between the environment and their everyday lives.