In a rapidly changing and tech-driven world, your kids need to be prepared to face the future fearlessly. STEM Minds helps parents provide cutting edge STEM education to children ages 4-18 in a fun and interactive way. Our advanced STEM curriculum includes dynamic in-person programs, virtual classes, and on-demand courses designed and delivered by certified teachers and STEM professionals. Empower the next generation of future-ready kids with STEM Minds!

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live  virtual classes

Live virtual classes

online courses

Online Courses

In Person

Our In-Person programs are only offered at our flagship location in Aurora, Ontario. Please see the programs at a glance for easy reference of after school programs. Select the appropriate age group tile below to explore further, including camps and events.

Ages 4-7

Ages 8-14

AGES +14



Monday Programs:

Ages:4-7: n/a

Ages: 8-17: Game Design and eSports (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Tuesday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: n/a

 Ages: 8-17: Digital Art and Media Club (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Saturday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: STEM Club (9:00-10:00am); Jr. Digital Art and Media Club  (10:15-11:15am); Computer Engineering Club (11:30-12:30pm)


Saturday Programs:

Ages: 8-14: STEM Club (9:00-10:30am); Coding Club (10:45-12:15pm); Robotics Club (12:30-2:00pm)


Saturday Programs:

Ages: 12+: Advance STEM Club (9:00-10:30am); Computer Engineering  Club (10:45-12:15pm); Robotics Club (12:30-2:00pm)

Live Virtual Classes

Our Live Virtual classes are generally offered as Hybrid classes aligned with our In-Person program delivery in EST time zone.

Ages 4-7

Ages 8-14



Online Courses


At STEM Minds, our Online Courses are where children ages 8+ can access powerful STEM education on demand. 

We know the key to success for your child is keeping them engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. For this reason, we have developed a fun and interactive reward system to encourage them at every stage. 

Our extensive course selection provides mastery pathways to help your child work build a variety of skills. Our three-tier subscription model allows you to choose the right starting place for your child, all while getting access to our most popular courses.

Foundational Courses Pack


  • Free foundational courses to promote computer skills and digital literacy
  • Free trial courses of some of our most popular topics
  • For students ages 8+
  • No prior knowledge required
Introductory Mastery Pathways


  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • 5 courses in each pathway
  • No prior knowledge required
  • Some parental support is required for setup
Advanced Mastery Pathways


  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • 5 advanced-level classes in each pathway
  • Introductory courses are pre-requisites
  • Minimal parental support required
Gift of Learning


  • For students ages 8+
  • Choose from a selection of Mastery Pathways
  • Choose this option to give STEAM Hub subscription as a gift





All registration & participation in STEM Minds programs & events are subject to the STEM Minds Policies and Procedures.

We thrive to implement industry best practices to ensure our students expereince learning in a safe and healthy environment. However, we recognize that parents may have their own preference and choices. We take pride in fostering an inclusive environment and will accomodate exceptions requested by parents. If you wish to opt-out any of our policies (e.g. going to the park, application of sun screen etc), please send us an email at info@stemminds.com

You can view our full Policies and Procedures as well as supporting documents by clicking the image on the side. Any questions about our Policies and Procedures should be directed to info@stemminds.com

Please see our 2023-2024 class dates calendar below:


  • No classes on statutory holidays and related long weekends
  • Any makeup classes due to inclement weather will be held on Fridays or a store credit provided
  • Fall and Winter are 12 week programs; Spring is 6 week program


Fall – (Sept. 11th – Dec. 4th)

No Class: Oct 9th

Winter – (Jan. 15th – April 22nd)

No class: Feb 19th, March 11th, April 1st, 

Spring – (April 29th – June 10th)

No class on May 20th


Fall – (Sept. 12th – Nov. 28th)


Winter – (Jan. 16th – April 16th)


Spring – (April 30th – June 4th)



Fall – (Sept. 13th – Nov 29th)


Winter – (Jan. 17th – April 17th) 


Spring – (May 1st – June 5th)


Fall – (Sept. 14th – Nov 30th)


Winter – (Jan. 18th – April 18th) 

Spring – (May 2nd – June 6th)



Fall – (Sept. 16th – Dec. 9th)

No Class: Oct 7th

Winter – (Jan. 13th – April 27th)

No class: Feb 17th, March 9th, March 16th, March 30th

Spring – (May 1st – June 15th)

No class on May 18th