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2D and 3D Design @EdTech Hive Markham


Join us as we explore the world of digital design and learn more about how these 2D and 3D design technologies are shaping our future!

Using our most popular equipment including our 3D Printers, Epilog Laser Cutter, and Carvey CNC Mill, we’ll follow the same process an industrial designer goes through to create a product – developing an idea on paper, turning it into a digital model, and then bringing it to life!

Each week will feature awesome new design challenges to stretch your creative skills and push you to create amazing new projects that you always get to keep. Register now to get started on your 3D journey!

Ready to get started with digital design? Check out our program road map!
2D/3D Design Beginner Road Map 

Ready to move on to bigger and better things? Take a peek at our intermediate level road map!
2D/3D Design Intermediate Road Map

Your third time with us? You’re ready to go pro! Check out our advanced level road map!
2D/3D Design Advanced Road Map

Program Details

EdTech Hive @ STEM Minds Markham – 75 Waterbridge Lane, Markham ( View Map)

We are located in the same building as St. Matthew CES. Please use our private entrance to access our facilities. 

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Additional information

2D & 3D Design

Fall 2019 -Thursdays 5:30-7:00, Winter 2020 – Tuesdays 5:30-7:00