** NEW ** Advanced STEM Club

Ready to level-up your tech skills? Join our Advanced STEM Club and learn about cutting-edge tech like blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, and more! Designed specifically for our 13+ learners, students get an advanced STEM experience like no other.

Check out our program roadmap below to see what you’ll get up to!

Location: STEM MINDS Headquarters – 212 Earl Stewart Drive, Unit#3, Aurora, Ontario (View Map)

Ages: 12-18

Dates & Times: 


**Please note a minimum of 5 students enrollment is required to run the program. Otherwise, STEM MINDS reserves the right to cancel the program and provide full refund**

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Winter 2020

Part 1: Advanced Python

  • What is coding?
  • Constants, Variables, Functions, and Data Types
  • Using libraries
  • Creating pyGames

Part 2: Networks and Databases

  • Defining and building networks
  • Building and populating Databases
  • Using and searching a Database
  • Safety of websites and social media
  • Preventing vs. Reacting

Part 3: Cryptography

  • Encryption Types
  • Hash Functions
  • Rainbow Tables
  • Password Salting
  • Building and breaking Cryptographs
  • Encrypting messages

Spring 2020

Part 1: Machine Learning

  • More information coming soon!

Part 2: Artificial Intelligence

  • What is AI and how does it work?
  • IBM’s Watson

Part 3: IoT (Internet of Things)

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • IoT Sensors
  • Risk and Privacy
  • Local vs. Cloud Networks
  • Connection Types
  • Protocol Standards

Additional information

Advanced STEM Club

Winter 2020 [Advanced Python, Databases, Cryptography] – [Saturdays from 10:30 – 12:00], Spring 2020 (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT) – [Saturdays from 10:30 – 12:00]