AgriTech Skills Development Workshops (Seneca Polytechnic)

AgriTech Skills Development Workshops (Seneca Polytechnic)


This Employment Ontario Project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario


Proudly Hosted by Boreal Farms in partnerhsip with STEM Minds!

FREE – Skills Development Workshops

STEM Minds and Boreal Farms are excited to offer FREE Agri Tech skill building workshop for Senceca Polytechnic students.

Workshops for Agri Tech – Get started with a unique learning opportunity experience!

Join us in-person at Seneca Polytechnic Newham Campus and then a bus ride to Boreal Farms to get hands-on with AgriTech learning opportunities. Our expert instructors will lead you through a fully curriculum-connected, hands-on learning journey like you’ve never seen.

Full Day Workshop – June 27th  (9:00am-3:00pm), Room: K2100A, in the CITE building (building K) at Newnham campus (1750 Finch Ave E) and  Visit to Boreal Farms (13175 Weston Rd, King City)

  • Introduction to AgriTech and Agriculture 4.0

The workshop will run from 9:00am-11:45pm at Seneca Polytechnic Newham Campus, Room K2100A, in the CITE building (building K) at Newnham campus (1750 Finch Ave E). The participants will then board a bus at 12:15pm to Boreal Farms where light lunch will be provided. We will participate in hands-on activities at the farm until 3:15pm with a bus ride back to the campus.

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Workshop Option 1: Agri-Tech & Agriculture 4.0

In this 3 hours workshop you will learn:

Introduction to Canadian Agriculture

  • Overview of the impacts (social, environmental, economic) of Canadian agriculture
  • Introduction of sub-sectors of primary production (beef, poultry, dairy, cash crops, horticulture, aquaculture, fruits, vegetables)
  • Introduction to challenges and opportunities in primary production around the world

The Rise of Agri-Tech

  • Introduction to the term agri-tech and its broad use across the industry
  • Introduce Agri-Tech applications in each sub-sector of primary production
    • Case-by-case examples of how Agri-Tech is impacting farms across Canada
  • Review the components of technologies (hardware / software) and their use-case in agriculture
  • Discuss the aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math used to develop Agri-Tech
  • Share some emerging themes in Agri-Tech and what the future of the industry may look like

Introduction to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

  • Introduce the concept of CEA and its relation to conditions in the natural environment
    • Highlight agricultural sub-sectors that use CEA for crop, animal and insect production
  • Introduce technologies and processes that are used to create and manage CEA
  • Introduction to Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Vertical Farming / Indoor Farming
  • Highlight the uses and importance of technology to support efficient management of operations and how tech is helping farmers grow more with less
  • Case studies of Canadian Agri-Tech companies who are involved in CEA

Health & Safety, Careers and Soft Skills

  • Introduction to food and operational safety on farms (general themes and considerations)
  • Introduction of Agri-Tech that supports Health & Safety tracking and traceability on farms
  • Overview of the Agri-Food value chain and career pathways and opportunities
    • Input suppliers, logistics, production, processing, retail, nutrition, marketing, research
  • Discussing some of the core soft skills required for career success in Agri-Food