Coding Club (2024-2025)

Coding Club (2024-2025)


⚙️Hybrid Program

Join us for a year-long learning journey in our Coding Club with focus on:

  • Purpose driven learning
  • Focus on foundational to deep development
  • Project based learning
  • Progressive growth with exposure to variety of tools

The Coding Club is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the field of coding and develop their coding skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Through a series of interactive and engaging activities, students will learn how to code using different programming languages and tools, and how to apply coding skills to real-world problems.

  • September: Scratch
  • October: Makecode Arcade
  • November: Python
  • December & January: C++
  • February: Processing
  • March: Java
  • April: Makecode Arcade
  • May: Python
  • June: Processing

At the end of the year, if students are enrolled in the full 3 terms, they will earn a micro-credential endorsed by Digital Promise. The badge will be issued and can be included in student portfolio.

Monday: Coding Club (5:00 – 6:30)

  • Fall (10 sessions) : September 16th to November 25th (no class on October 14)
  • Winter (10 sessions) : December 2nd to March 3rd (no class on December 16, December 23, December 30, February 17)
  • Spring (10 sessions) : March 24th to June 2nd (no class on May 19)

Cost of Program:

  • Full Year Cost:  (30 sessions): $1,400 + HST per year
  • Fall / Winter / Spring Cost: 10 week: $480 + HST per term
  • Per session Cost: $48 + HST per class

Monthly payment and pro-rated options available. Please contact us at info@stemminds.com

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MONTHLY THEMES (2024/2025):

Our STEM-based coding club offers an engaging and comprehensive program designed to introduce students to a variety of programming languages and concepts throughout the year.

  • In September, we start with Scratch, a visual programming language perfect for beginners. Students will learn the basics of coding by creating simple animations and games.
  • October focuses on Makecode Arcade, where students will delve into game development, learning to design and build their own arcade-style games using a block-based coding platform.
  • In November, we transition to Python, a powerful text-based programming language. Students will explore fundamental coding skills, including syntax, data structures, and basic algorithms, through interactive projects.
  • During December and January, we introduce C++, emphasizing object-oriented programming and memory management. Students will develop console applications and learn essential debugging techniques.
  • February brings Processing, a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Students will create visual and interactive programs.
  • In March, we explore Java, focusing on its wide applications in web and app development. Students will understand object-oriented concepts and build simple applications.
  • In April, we revisit Makecode Arcade, allowing students to refine their game development skills with more advanced projects.
  • May brings a deeper dive into Python, where students will work on more complex projects and enhance their coding proficiency.
  • Finally, in June, we return to Processing, enabling students to create more sophisticated visual programs, consolidating their learning and creativity.

All students enrolled in the programs will be provided access to our online learning platform STEAM Hub:

Full Year Enrolment students will get access to all the following courses.

Fall Enrolment students:

  • September: Scratch
  • October: Makecode Arcade
  • November: Python

Winter Enrolment students:

  • December & January: C++
  • February: Processing
  • March: Java

Spring Enrolment students:

  • April: Makecode Arcade
  • May: Python
  • June: Processing


  • No classes on statutory holidays and related long weekends
  • Any makeup classes due to inclement weather will be held on Fridays or a store credit provided
  • Minimum 5 enrolments per age group are required to run the club, otherwise age groups will be merged but students will be allowed to pick their choice of tool for learning and design their own learning path with our instructors
  • Payment options are available for families. Please send us an email at info@stemminds.com so we can discuss further
  • If enrolling in multiple programs or siblings, please use code Sibling10 at time of checkout, If the discount code is applied incorrectly, we reserve the right to connect with you to adjust the order amount accordingly
  • Please note we reserve the right to change the monthly theme at the discretion of our instructors to ensure your children get the best of their learning experience based on skill level and ability to move on to more complex tools/topics.