Competition Registration: 3D Design Summer

Competition Registration: 3D Design Summer


For Grades 4-8

3D design is quickly shaping the world around us across every industry. Learning these skills gives you the power to design a better world and create the future you want to see.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are “the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” and attempt to address some of the most pressing global challenges we face. In connection to the UN SDGs, this year’s contest theme is “Future Cities.” From climate change to gender inequality, clean energy to health, how can the cities of the future be designed to create a brighter tomorrow?

Using 3D Design, your job will to be to create a design that connects to the theme of Future Cities. Whether it’s a revolution in building design, a new energy system, or a product in a store, how you choose to interpret this theme is up to you as long as it’s focused on one of the 17 UN SDGs. In addition to your design, we also require a short (less than 100 words) description of your design and how it connects to the theme.

  • No prior knowledge required
  • You’ll receive access to our 3D Design course to build your skills and submit your entry to the competition.
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