Digital Art and Media Club (2023-2024)

Digital Art and Media Club (2023-2024)


⚙️Hybrid Program

Join us for a year-long learning journey in our themed Clubs that allow students to build expertise in a skill vertical, earn micro-credentials issued by Digital Promise.  All clubs get access to our award winning online learning platform “STEAM Hub” at no additional cost so learning can continue at home.

Our clubs focus on:

  • Purpose driven learning
  • Focus on foundational to deep development
  • Project based learning
  • Progressive growth with exposure to variety of tools

The Digital Art and Media Club is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the world of digital art and media and develop their creative and technical skills in this exciting area. Through a series of interactive and engaging activities, students will learn how to use digital tools and software to create art and media projects, and how to apply their creativity and technical skills to real-world problems and challenges.

At the end of the year, if students are enrolled in the full 3 terms, they will earn a micro-credential endorsed by Digital Promise. The badge will be issued and can be included in student portfolio.

Tuesday: 5:30-7:00pm

  • Fall – (Sept. 12th – Nov. 28th) – 12 sessions
  • Winter – (Jan. 16th – April 16th)  – 12 sessions
    • No class: March 5th, March 12th
  • Spring – (April 23rd – May 28th) – 6 sessions

Cost of Program:

  • Full Year Cost: (30 sessions): $1,200 + HST per year
  • Fall / Winter Cost: 12 week: $480 + HST;
  • Spring Cost: 6 week: $240 + HST
  • Per session Cost: $40 + HST per class

Monthly payment and pro-rated options available. Please contact us at info@stemminds.com

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