⚙️Hybrid Program – Ages 12+ only

The E-sports program will dive into the world of playing video games competitively. E-sports is a rapidly growing industry where players can develop skills such as hand-eye coordination, team dynamics, and problem solving. This program will provide an opportunity to explore a variety of E-sport avenues,  as well as a greater focus on the games with significant E-sport scenes such as Overwatch and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. We will learn about the competitive scenes of these games, be able to analyze high level strategies, apply them in gameplay, and discover the design philosophy behind these games.

In this10 week program, we will do more than just become eAthletes, we will also explore many educational topics including social skills and teamwork; branding, marketing, and business; health and wellness; technology; and more all in a state-of-the-art eSports lab. High level plan (subject to change) includes:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to E-sports Scenes
  • Week 2 – Team Building and Training
  • Week 3 – Overwatch Overview: Roles, Heroes, & Objectives
  • Week 4-6 – OWL (Overwatch League) Gameplay Analysis, Practice, & Gameplay
  • Week 7 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Overview: Characters & Rulesets
  • Week 8-9 – SSBU (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) Gameplay Analysis & Practice
  • Week 10 – SSBU Tournament

Registering after the start date? Contact us at info@stemminds.com to get your PRORATED price for the remaining sessions of this program.

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