League of Legends Bootcamp (2024-2025)

League of Legends Bootcamp (2024-2025)


⚙️Hybrid Program

Our League of Legends training program is designed to help players master the game through a structured, month-by-month curriculum.

  • In the first month, we cover “The Fundamentals of League of Legends.” This module introduces new players to the game’s core mechanics, objectives, and strategies, ensuring a strong foundation for future learning.
  • In the second month, we focus on “How to Choose a Role.” Players will learn about the different roles available in the game—Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and Support—and understand the responsibilities and playstyles associated with each. This helps players find their preferred role and excel in it.
  • The third month’s topic is “How to Understand the Map.” We delve into the intricacies of the game map, teaching players about key areas, objectives like Dragon and Baron, and map awareness. This module enhances players’ strategic thinking and spatial awareness, crucial for success in the game.
  • In the fourth month, we explore “How to Understand the Mechanics.” This module covers essential skills such as last-hitting, skill-shot accuracy, positioning, and using abilities effectively. By the end of this program, players will have a comprehensive understanding of League of Legends and be well-equipped to climb the ranks with confidence.
  • After the fourth month, we revisit the first four concepts, but this time with more in-depth analysis and advanced techniques. Players will refine their understanding of game fundamentals, role specialization, map strategies, and mechanical skills, ensuring continuous improvement and mastery of the game. This advanced phase is designed to solidify and elevate players’ abilities, preparing them for high-level play and competitive environments.

In summary:

  • September: The Fundamentals of League of Legends
  • October: Which role should I play and why?
  • November: The Summoners Rift + Minimap (Macro)
  • December & January: Gameplay Mechanics (Micro)
  • February: The Fundamentals of League of Legends
  • March: Which role should I play and why?
  • April: The Summoners Rift + Minimap (Macro)
  • May: Gameplay Mechanics (Micro)
  • June: How do I get better from here?

Saturday: League of Legends Bootcamp (1:00-2:30pm)

  • Fall (10 sessions) : September 21st to November 30th (no class on October 12)
  • Winter (10 sessions) : December 7th to March 22nd (no class on December 21, December 28, January 4, February 15, March 8, March 15)
  • Spring (10 sessions) : March 29th to June 14th (no class on April 19, May 17)

Cost of Program:

  • Full Year Cost:  (30 sessions): $1,400 + HST per year
  • Fall / Winter / Spring Cost: 12 week: $480 + HST per term
  • Per session Cost: $48 + HST per class

Monthly payment and pro-rated options available. Please contact us at info@stemminds.com

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  • No classes on statutory holidays and related long weekends
  • Any makeup classes due to inclement weather will be held on Fridays or a store credit provided
  • Minimum 5 enrolments per age group are required to run the club, otherwise age groups will be merged but students will be allowed to pick their choice of tool for learning and design their own learning path with our instructors
  • Payment options are available for families. Please send us an email at info@stemminds.com so we can discuss further
  • If enrolling in multiple programs or siblings, please use code Sibling10 at time of checkout, If the discount code is applied incorrectly, we reserve the right to connect with you to adjust the order amount accordingly
  • Please note we reserve the right to change the monthly theme at the discretion of our instructors to ensure your children get the best of their learning experience based on skill level and ability to move on to more complex tools/topics.