STEM Club (Whitchurch Highlands)

STEM Club (Whitchurch Highlands)


STEM MINDS™ is pleased to offer an after school STEM Club every Thursday from 3:45 to 4:45 from October 24 to December 19 at Whitchurch Highlands PS

STEM Club will provide students to discover the best of the world of technology as they explore hands-on, project-based activities. From exploring the role of technology in the film industry as we create green screen movies, to diving into the exciting realm of video game design to develop our own games, to taking the lead as a computer engineer as we learn to code, students will ignite their passions and discover a whole new world of opportunities through a fun-filled STEM journey!


Location: Whitchurch Highlands PS

Grades: 1-4

Dates: Thursdays from October 24 to December 19

Time: 3:45 – 4:45 pm

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Session 1 Green Screen Part 1
Session 6 Graphic Design Part 1
Session 2 Green Screen Part 2
Session 7 Graphic Design Part 2
Session 3 Video Game Design Part 1 Session 8 STEM Challenge
Session 4 Video Game Design Part 2 Session 9 Virtual Reality
Session 5 Video Game Design Part 3