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Why just play video games when you can make them? Join us as we go through the journey of a video game designer and learn how to design, create, and program your very own video game! Along the way, we will also explore the world of graphic design to help us create marketing material and other assets for our games!

In this course, participants will learn the steps to successful game-making from planning to play-testing, level and character design, coding and art design, and more! Get ready to become a one-person video game design company and take the lead on the next game of the year!

Each season focuses on a new video game style for students to explore! Check out the descriptions below for each season to learn more!

Ready to make your first ever video game? Check out the process we’ll go through each week!
Video Game & Graphic Design Beginner Road Map

Program Details

EdTech Hive @ STEM Minds Markham – 75 Waterbridge Lane, Markham ( View Map)

We are located in the same building as St. Matthew CES. Please use our private entrance to access our facilities. 

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Video Game & Graphic Design @EdTech Hive Markham

Fall 2019 – Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, Winter 2020 – Thursdays 5:30-7:00