STEM Club (William Berczy PS)

STEM Club (William Berczy PS)


STEM MINDS™ is pleased to propose a STEM Club program on Tuesdays after school from January 21 to March 31 and Thursdays at lunch from January 23 to April 2 at William Berczy PS

STEM Club will provide students to discover the best of the world of technology as they explore hands-on, project-based activities. From exploring the role of technology in the film industry as we create stop-motion videos, bringing our digital creations to life with 3D printing, or becoming expert programmers with robots, students will ignite their passions and discover a whole new world of opportunities through a fun-filled STEM journey!


Location: William Berczy Public School

Grades: 1-6

Dates & Times: Tuesdays after school (3:35-4:35 pm) from January 21 to March 31 (*no class March 17)

OR Thursdays at lunch (12:50-1:50 pm) from January 23 to April 2 (*no class March 19)

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Session 1 Stop-Motion Animation Part 1
Session 6 LEGO Engineers Part 1
Session 2 Stop-Motion Animation Part 2
Session 7 LEGO Engineers Part 2
Session 3 Stop-Motion Animation Part 3 Session 8 STEM Challenge
Session 4 3D Design Part 21 Session 9 Robotics Part 1
Session 5 3D Design Part 2 Session 10 Robotics Part 2