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The Best in STEM Programming
Training young hearts and minds for the future is at the root of everything you do. Our Online Academy programs and technology empower you to give your students the best opportunities to learn STEM topics – no matter how they learn.

Learning that Sticks with them
The best way to learn STEM is to do STEM. All of our courses feature a variety of student-led projects that get them applying the skills they are learning. Learning is fun with challenging projects, gamification, badging, virtual reality and hands-on experiences.

Easy to Implement 
Our platform makes it simple for teachers, students, and parents to learn, track their progress, and get help when they need it. All programs come with detailed curriculum and customized personal journeys using advanced technology. Easy for you, rewarding for them.

Fully Supported Solution
You’re not alone on this fearless learning journey. Our expert team is here to help.

  • Gamification of real world problems through e-Learning and e-Assessment tools to ensure learning sticks
  • Virtual Reality experiences using hardware agnostic technology for engagement and fun
  • Personalized learning journeys using artificial intelligence which adapts to student needs
  • Curriculum integration using hands-on projects to ensure classroom alignment
  • Student metrics analysis using digital tools like Badgr Pro allowing teachers to stay up to date on engagement and progress
  • Digital citizenship, communication and collaboration integrated with privacy to focus on soft skills development
  • Custom tools, e-portfolios and integrations using a powerful learning management system (Canvas) to address varying
    learning styles of students
  • Accessibility enablement for inclusion of varying student needs
  • Personalized learning provided through customized algorithms
  • AI engine ensures that user needs are met
  • Platform learns and grows with students for an optimal learning experience
  • applied concepts through custom built virtual scenes
  • compatible with browser-based 360-degree views or virtual reality headsets
  • interactive scenes that allow student work to be placed within the environment
  • custom built e-learning games to reinforce learning goals
  • e-assessment games provide real-world problems and make learning stick
  • gamified modules with the tool Badgr Pro
  • digital tools like Google Apps and Office365 allow for safe online collaboration
  • integrated communication tools help to build digital citizenship and public speaking skills
  • e-portfolios ensure students have a record of their accomplishments for years to come
  1. 3D Design
  2. Video Game Design
  3. App Development
  4. Web Development
  5. Coding with Python
  6. Coding with Processing
  7. Coding with Scratch
  8. Coding with Arduino
  9. Coding with Micro:Bit
  10. Sphero Robotics
  11. LEGO EV3 Robotics
  12. Unity Game Design
  13. Film and Photography
  14. Public Speaking
  15. Minecraft Storytelling
  1. Computer Music
  2. eSports
  3. 2D Design
  4. Coding with Java
  5. Coding with C++
  6. Advanced STEM Club: Databases, Networks, Cyber Security, Blockchain, IoT, and more!

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STEM Minds Courses are powered by Canvas Learning Management System with engaging features to support both teachers and students!


For Teachers

For Students

Curriculum Aligned STEM courses

With 8-10 hours of content per course

With 8-10 hours of content per course

Game-based STEMulators

Custom-built simulations for formative and diagnostic assessment

Custom-built simulations for praciting applied skills 



and Text-based lessons



Discussion Posts


To support student growth

To showcase learning

Course Certificates

To demonstrate completion

Proof of achievement

Integration with popular edtech tools

Including Office365


Embedded assessment

Including exportable gradebooks and editable rubrics



Email support with online webinar training options

Email support 

Desktop Access


Chromebook accessible

Mobile Supported - Apple Store

Google Play

Canvas Teacher App

Parent Companion App - Apple Store

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STEM is here to stay! We know you want to create amazing learning experiences for your students and with our Online Academy you can bring tried and true STEM curriculum right into your classroom. We give you the tools to empower your students to be the fearless leaders they were born to be.

We get it, you want the best for your child's future! You want to ignite their passion and prepare them for success in the 21st century. Enter the STEM Minds Online Academy. Empower your child as they learn to problem solve, collaborate, and discover their love of STEM, all from the comfort of home.

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