STEM Minds Partners with Boreal Farms to Revolutionize Agricultural Education and Food Security

Ontario, January 15th, 2024 – STEM Minds, a leader in innovative educational solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Boreal Farms, a pioneer in training, infrastructure and support for sustainable agriculture projects across Canada. This collaboration is set to transform the landscape and delivery of agriculture education and improve regional food security through a grassroots approach.

This unique partnership brings together STEM Minds’ expertise in STEAM education and Boreal Farms’ immersive agriculture programming, leveraging innovative sustainable farming technologies and operating techniques. Together, they aim to empower and equip the next generation of farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful and sustainable agricultural practices at home or in their communities.

The partnership offers a range of initiatives designed to engage and educate students, educators and the community. These include integrating advanced indoor farming systems into educational programs, providing right learning resources, hosting community nights, school workshops and hosting hands-on summer camps at Boreal Farms.

STEM Minds and Boreal Farms are committed to fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture among young minds. This initiative will not only educate but also inspire action towards a more sustainable, food secure and sovereign future.

For more information about this partnership and its impact, please visit STEM Minds and Boreal Farms Partnership page.

About Boreal Farms

Boreal Farms is a platform for the education and empowerment of the next generation of farmers and leaders in the agri-food industry. Boreal facilitates immersive teaching and training workshops at their farm and living laboratory in King City. Their work extends beyond farming and teaching, supporting numerous food and farming infrastructure projects with partners across the country, including ‘agri-hood’s’ as a concept that brings food infrastructure into new developments through structured programming and coordinated engagement with residents. To learn more about Boreal Farms, visit https://www.borealfarms.ca  Contact: Brandon Herbor, bhebor@borealfarms.ca

About STEM Minds

STEM Minds Corp is a social enterprise with a vision to empower the next generation of global leaders and innovators. Their mission is to make STEM education accessible to youth across the globe.  Their advanced STEM curriculum includes an evolving range of dynamic in-person / virtual classes and on-demand courses designed and delivered by certified teachers and STEM professionals. STEM Minds helps to break down barriers, empowering the next generation of future-ready youth. To learn more about STEM Minds, visit https://www.stemminds.com. STEM Minds Media Contact: Anu Bidani, anu.bidani@stemminds.com