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We hope that you enjoy these FREE resources that you can use to continue your #FEARLESSLEARNING journey at home!

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STEM Minds Colouring Page

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Practice your art skills at home with this colouring page of our friendly mascot STEMBot!

LEGO Design Challenges

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Do you love the build with LEGO? We do too! Test your design and build skills with these fun LEGO design challenges!

Video Game Design Tutorial

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Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Now you can! Check out these FREE video tutorials on how to get started with FlowLab.

*Note: you will need to have a parent/guardian help you set up an account first.

Coding with Python Tutorial

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Who says art and code don’t mix? Learn the basics of Python as you learn how to create abstract art pieces with code!

Computer Skills Mini-Course

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Hoping to brush up on your computer skills? Our FREE Computer Skills mini-course will teach you how to navigate a desktop or laptop computer like a pro!

STEM-ulator (Games) Playground

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Explore the world of STEM with our STEMulator Playground! These custom built, gamified experiences will show you hands-on applications of popular topics like 3D Printing, Game Design, Robotics, and more!

#Design2030 Hands- on Design Challenges

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A simple idea can change the world. Put your innovation and creativity to the test with our design challenges based on the United Nations goals for Sustainable Development!

Top 5 At-Home STEM Activities

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Looking for some inspiration on fun STEM activities that you can do at home? Check out this video for some recommendations!

#FearlessLearning for Families

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STEM isn’t just for kids; it can be fun for the whole family! Check out this video for some recommendations on family-friendly activities you can do at home.

Know an aspiring engineer?

Check out this online resource submitted by #fearlesslearner Hannah!

Credit: Carly Hallman, Titlemax