There are lots of free 3D design software’s out there. 3D design is awesome, and it’s very easy to get excited about it! However it’s also hard to know how to get started.

So here are four 3D design software’s that are suitable for beginners to help you get started with 3D modelling.


All of these software’s come recommended by MakerBot as resources for hobbyists and educators alike! Check out some of these software’s to bring your ideas to life with 3D design!


The very best part is that all of these programs are FREE!



This program is one of our personal favourites at STEM Minds. This is definitely a great program for someone who is looking to get started in 3D design because it’s very user-friendly and functional.

TinkerCAD is also very kid friendly- we have seen even our youngest students make great designs!  TinkerCAD has a great online community and even has some tutorials available as well as example projects to get you started.

You do not have to download anything because it is completely browser-based. All you need is an internet connection and an email address to get started! This is great for use in schools because many schools restrict downloads, so having something browser based is excellent to introduce 3D design into the classroom!



With this program, you are presented with digital ball of clay and you push, pull, and mould that clay into any new form that you can imagine.

Sculptris is relatively easy to use and very satisfying as well, it is easy to make something recognizable very quickly which makes it a great tool for beginners. This tool can also help to prepare you, your child, or your students for some more advanced 3D sculpting software’s!



Like TinkerCAD, Open SCAD has a web based option which makes it useful for schools.

You can create your design by describing what you want to be made through code, and then this is turned into a 3D model ready for printing. This also makes it more suitable to older students being introduced to core 3D modelling concepts.

There is also a big online community for Open SCAD just like there is for TinkerCAD, which is great for project ideas or even tutorials for beginners!


So check out some of these free software’s and get yourself started with 3D design! You don’t need to own your own printer or invest a lot of money into a professional software in order to get started. Many schools and public libraries have printers available so it can be incredibly easy and affordable to get started!