What kids, parents, and teachers have to say about STEMMinds

STEM Minds offers the best in STEM learning and has worked with more than 38,000 students, thousands of teachers, and hundreds of schools across the globe.

Want to know what makes our programs so unique? Hear it straight from our amazing students, fantastic parents, and excellent teacher partners.




“I can’t say enough about what STEM Minds has done for my kids. STEM Minds has provided a fun hands-on environment for my kids to learn about robotics, coding, VR, etc; basically, the future of tech and employment. The education system needs to catch up to what STEM Minds is providing!”

Tom I

“STEM Minds is a place where curiosity and creatively is encouraged. From graphic design, 3D printing, Cad design and video game design, STEM Minds covers a variety of programs and gets kids thinking about what is possible and that there is no limit on what they can do. My son has shared details of the programs with engineers in our family and they are blown away by what he has learned with TinkerCad and how he is thinking about engineering & design. Aurora is a better place with an organization like STEM Minds in it – I would highly recommend their programs to anyone.”

Sarah H

“Challenging, supportive and fun environment! STEM Minds is constantly changing their programming to stay current and relevant. Staff have education backgrounds and can support all abilities and kids with exceptionalities! Our kids have been attending since the first day they opened their doors – they love it!”

Jill M




"A great morning was planned for our STEM Student leaders! The students were fully engaged in the workshop and I’m looking forward to seeing the students take the lead in our Primary classes! Thank you for all of your hard work this year. Also, thank you for your flexibility in terms of dates, and the planning of the specific program each time to meet our needs. It has been wonderful to work with STEM Minds!"

Anonymous, YCDSB

"We had a fantastic experience with STEM Minds and are hoping to have them back at some point. Students loved the robotics workshop. Their interest was sustained and it was a great exploration of a different type of thinking."

Miragalia, YCDSB

"Absolutely thrilled with the engagement of my class during the EV3 Robotics session through Stem Minds. The students were dialed in from the first minute and followed along through initial simple instructions to extend their understanding of coding with growing independence. The instructors were energetic and knowledgeable, and the students really enjoyed working with them. An absolute homerun for cooperative learning, student engagement, and exposure to STEM opportunities."





“What I like about STEM MINDS is that you learn something new every time you are here!”

Aidan H

“I love STEM MINDS because everyone is so nice and helpful. You can be creative, innovate, and come up with new ideas every day!”

Jacob K

“I love the classes you do! I always learn a lot and have fun. I think I might do more coding in the future now.”

Aman M

“STEM Minds camp helped me know more about how to do the career I want to do; coding for Nintendo!”


“I enjoyed many of the activities we did at camp. I really enjoyed the 3D designing, making catapults, and playing outside. 3D designing is new to me and I think it really stretches my thinking.”

Frank L

“This is, by far, the best camp I’ve ever been to!”


“The camp was awesome! Thank you for everything and hope to come back soon.”