Meet the Team: Parents, Educators, and STEM Advocates


At STEM Minds, our team consists of a unique blend of certified teachers and STEM professionals. We have demonstrated experience working with students both in-person and online. Every STEM Teacher is rigorously vetted and trained to ensure that all students receive a high-quality experience that is customized to their learning needs.

As a mission-driven social enterprise, we recognize our global impact and remain committed to values of:


  • As a people-first organization, STEM Minds holds integrity as a core value in how we interact with the world. We stick with our goals and values, even when it’s not easy.  

Inclusivity and Accessibility 

  • Everyone belongs in the world of STEM, full stop. We recognize that all learners are unique and deserving of support in their learning journey, so we are committed to breaking down barriers to make sure everyone is empowered to find their place. 


  • The world (and education) are constantly evolving. We actively choose to view these changes as opportunities rather than threats.




Anu Bidani, Founder & CEO

(Pronouns: she/her)

Anu Bidani is the CEO of STEM MINDS (a BCorp certified Social Enterprise) and Inno-Hive, an Innovative Learning Community – Charity), two companies that focus on shaping the future of education by transforming learning experiences for both children and adults. STEM Minds is on a mission to empower youth to become fearless leaders by developing agility and a love of learning through STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). She believes in creating our future leaders, game changers and problem solvers to build a better, more agile society for future generations. With a dedicated teaching staff, a state-of-the art learning environment, a research and development center, and a network of strategic partnerships, she has built both these businesses that are successfully expanding the reach and impact of education to all children!

Inno-Hive, an Innovative Learning Community, is a grassroot charity focused on supporting communities to innovate for skill building regardless of age or geographic boundaries.

She is an award winning entrepreneur, a passionate innovator, leader and revenue generator with solid experience as a corporate executive where she witnessed the evolution and impact of accelerated technology changes on business processes from a Corporate lens. Her passion for innovation served as the catalyst for repeated successes in optimizing emerging business models to deliver agile profitability and value. With vetted expertise in the areas of strategy, product development, solutions development, project delivery, information security and audit, Anu has built a solid foundation for her two entrepreneurial ventures – STEM MINDS and Inno-Hive, an Innovative Learning Community. She is also a SHEEO activator and supports other women entrepreneurs in their journey of following their passion.

Yash Bidani | CFO & Managing Partner

(Pronouns: he/him)

Yash Bidani is a financial services professional with extensive experience in driving sales and profitability through targeted product development. Yash has a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of Toronto. He also has a Post-Graduate diploma in Marketing Management from Humber College.

Reza Beyzaei | Director of Operations

(Pronouns: he/him)

Reza holds an Electronics Engineering degree from the University of Fresno, California, and holding Montessori teaching diplomas, a parent for many years, and an educator for more. As an “out-of-the-box” educator, Reza believes the success of any education system relies on its ongoing adaptability and innovations and he has been persistent in following this belief throughout his career. He is responsible in managing our day to day operations at STEM Minds and supporting our client needs.

Alex Husack | Manager Client Relationships and Operations

(Pronouns: she/her)

Alex has graduated from University of Ottawa with a Bachelors in Commerce with a specialization in finance and entrepreneurship. She previously worked for STEM Minds during several summers as a STEM Coach for the 4 to 7 age group and has now transitioned to a full-time team member. Responsible for overall management and general oversight of operations, Alex continues to share her passion for STEM.


Riddhesh Soneji | Director, Content Research and Development

 (Pronouns: he/him)

Riddhesh is an engineer and educator fascinated about the future of STEM. He is also curious about will power, creativity, and developing good habits. He completed his Masters in Education (M.Ed) and is supporting us in our content development initiatives.

Craig Irwin | Manager, Interactive Development

(Pronouns: he/him)

Craig has joined our team and supports our interactive content development. He is also helping us scale into the South East Asia region with our virtual programming.

Muzammil Rahimi | Data Engineer

(Pronouns: he/him)

Muzammil has joined our team to move us forward as a data driven organisation. He manages all our key performance indicators and business reporting.

Mustafa Husain | Quality Assurance

(Pronouns: he/him)

Mustafa graduated from the University of Toronto with a focused enthusiasm for improvement and learning. He is supporting us in the management of our online learning tools and media.

Alvin Chan | STEM Coach

(Pronouns: he/him)

Alvin is an Ontario Certified Teacher supporting us in delivering our programs and inspiring young minds. 

Nicole Myers | Strategic Advisor, Education

(Pronouns: she/her)

Nicole Myers is a certified teacher with a passion for revolutionizing the education system. She is responsible for helping to develop the STEM Minds curriculum.

Aishwarya G | Content Lead

(Pronouns: she/her)

Aishwarya is working towards her Masters in Education. She is responsible for helping to develop the STEM Minds curriculum.

Nikhayl Bidani | Climate Change Ambassador

(Pronouns: he/him)

Nik is a second-year environmental studies major at the University of Toronto. He is a STEM Minds graduate turned employee who helps lead our social and climate responsibility initiatives.

Rik Bidani | Junior STEM Coach

(Pronouns: he/him)

Rik is a student turned staff member who currently assists the team with technology and development efforts.


STEMBOT™ | Avatar

STEMBOT is the Avatar of STEM Minds that guides students through their journey of STEM learning by posting blogs, updates, course information and most importantly encouraging them to have fun!

Our Team Memories





STEM Minds is proud to have an Advisory Board to guide us through our journey of growth in our local communities. We are joined by a team of experts whose passion will bring the best of what we have to offer.

  • Tracey Bissett, President, Financial Fitness
  • Michele Reaume, Ministry of Education
  • Al Wilson, York Workforce Board
  • Jill Moore, Parent and Southlake Hospital
  • Donna Kowalchuk, Ph.D Education
  • Varma S, Avant Techno Solutions


STEM Minds is proud to have Advisors supporting our global expansion plans.

  • Brijesh Chopra, Managing Director, OMERS
  • Helena Ma, Managing Director, IDEA Communications


STEM Minds is also supported by Advisors from:

  • VentureLab
  • SheBoot (Invest Ottawa)
  • SHEEO World
  • Avant Techno Solutions

Brijesh Chopra | Managing Director, OMERS

We are delighted to have Brijesh Chopra as a Strategic advisor, board observer and mentor.  With over 20 years in financial markets, Brijesh brings a breadth of experience.   Brijesh’s role uniquely positions him across multiple asset classes, multiple geographies and markets.  Brijesh and has been an invaluable mentor, providing STEM Minds insights from Asia Pacific with a Canadian lens.
Brijesh is the Managing Director for Capital Markets at OMERS.  He is the senior business leader & founding Partner of the AsiaPac office of OMERS, leading the firm’s efforts in building regional presence in Asia.
Brijesh is originally from Canada, he relocated to Singapore with his family in 2018. Brijesh has an exceptional alumni network.  Brijesh holds a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from York University, an MBA from Ivey Business School.  He is also a Chartered Director (C. Dir) from DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University.

Helena Ma | Managing Director, IDEA Communications

Helena helms IDEA Communications, a multi-disciplinary brand communication consultancy as managing director. A communication specialist by training, Helena leverages her media knowledge, China insights and an international perspective to provide strategic counsel and advisories on reputation management, cross-cultural stakeholder engagement, expansion strategy and public affairs issues to leadership of fast-growing tech companies, large MNCs and family businesses. She has sector expertise in tech, bioscience, manufacturing, consumer goods, industrial engineering communications with blue-chip companies, industry-leading tech startups, non-profits and government agencies.
A Singapore permanent resident, Helena started the career as trilingual simultaneous interpreter in Mandarin, English and Swedish for senior government leaders in Beijing, and later embraced an international career working and living in China, Sweden, London and Singapore.  An open advocate for woman empowerment, Helena spoke about gender equality in the workplace and women leadership empowerment in tech sector at the Womens Forum in 2019.  She is passionate about photography, sports (golf, skiing, mountaineering), and charity fund raising.


We are joined by subject matter experts who support our execution.

  • Maryam Golabgir, Digital Marketing Experts
  • Avant Techno Solutions, Technology Development
  • Dr. Michael Chen, York University (Algo Development)
  • Dr. Steve Joorden, University of Toronto (Gaming Research)