About Our Team

At STEM Minds, our team consists of a unique blend of Ontario Certified Teachers and STEM Professionals. This gives us the opportunity to provide an authentic experience to kids that is grounded in expertise from both the fields of education and STEM.

With years of experience working with kids in both in-person and online settings, every STEM Coach has been through a rigorous vetting and training process to ensure that all kids get a high-quality experience that is targeted to their learning needs.

As a proud BCorp Certified business, we value our social and environmental impact. We believe in the power of #fearlesslearning and are faithful to our values of:

  1. Integrity
  2. Authenticity
  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Accessibility

Our Advisory Board

STEM Minds is proud to have  an Advisory Board to guide us through our journey of growth. We are joined by a team of experts whose passion will bring the best of what we have to offer.

  • Brijesh Chopra, Managing Director, Omers
  • Tracey Bissett, President, Financial Fitness
  • Michele Reaume, Ministry of Education
  • Al Wilson, York Workforce Board
  • Jill Moore, Parent and Southlake Hospital
  • Donna Kowalchuk, Ph.D Education

Strategic Partners

We are joined by subject matter experts who support our execution.

  • Andrea Butterworth, Website development
  • Maryam Golibghar, Digital Marketing
  • Alluri Tech, Technology Development
  • Dr. Michael Chen, York University (Algo Development)
  • Will McCoy, EdTech Authority (USA Team)