STEM Minds + Boreal Farms

Indoor Classroom Farm Solution


Through our partnership with Boreal Farms, STEM Minds is excited to empower and equip you to bring the farm into your classroom, supported by a package of teacher resources for an immersive year-round learning experience for your students. Our classroom indoor garden kit features a fully automated multi-tier growing system that takes the guesswork out of hydroponics and maximizes the students learning and fun experimental research experience.

The garden kit features automated LED lighting, irrigation pump, a self-cleaning routine and supports up to 108 planting sites that can be used to grow a variety of greens, herbs and small vegetables throughout the year. Our teacher resource package features a variety of curriculum linked lessons, grower support resources and some fun applied research activities for students K-12.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, we are confident in our ability to support you with both the information and infrastructure to ensure you maximize the value of this amazing teaching tool for your class for years to come. Students will be able to track, trial and taste the nutritious bounty that the garden produces and teachers will be supported to share science, technology, engineering and math principles to students throughout the school year.


Proposed Pricing:

  • $2,250 Garden Unit
  • $500 Start-up supplies
  • $500 Teacher Resource Package
  • $1,250 On-site installation & Start-up Workshop
    $4,500 CAD 

  • The garden unit is a pre-fabricated unit from a partner supplier:
    • Designed from recycled materials
    • Organic or Traditional hydroponic nutrients are available
    • App Supported Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Water reservoir lasts up to 7 days without top-up
    • Garden operation can be controlled with Alexa voice command
  • The Teacher resources includes 12 lesson plans:
    1. What is Controlled Environment Agriculture
    2. What do plants need to grow
    3. Setting up the garden
    4. Understanding “Grow Lights”
    5. Understanding nutrients with Soil
    6. Understanding nutrients with Water (aquaponics)
    7. Movement of water with pumps
    8. Planting with seeds
    9. Taking care of plants
    10. Learning how to prune plants
    11. Harvesting your plants
    12. Growing for the next year

If you have an alternate budget, please let us know as there are many options available to meet budget needs

Other Classroom Options:

School Community Garden Project

We can help you design, construct and support your community garden with supplies and learning resources.

Classroom Hands-on Demonstration and Workshops

We can help bring a farm in your classroom with our hands-on workshops on many topics.