On June 5th, 2022, STEM Minds took part in the Aurora Street Festival, York Region’s largest community event. The festival invites local vendors, music, and food to the heart of downtown Aurora on Yonge Street.


STEM Minds brought exciting technologies for both children and parents to experiment with such as Dash Robots, Bee Bots, electronic circuits, and more!


Many children were able to experience controlling a robot using an iPad for the first time. The iPads allowed them to move the robot around the board, change its colour, and give it sounds. This was an exciting activity which sparked curiosity and innovative thinking within young children. Parents were happy to learn that STEM Minds is hosting STEM Summer Camp for kids who are interested in continuing their #fearlesslearning journey!




In addition, children were able to learn about snapcircuits and digital art. The Snapcircuit is a circuit kit that has different components like batteries, lights, buttons, and more that students can “snap” onto the boards and connect using wires or connectors. Once the circuit is complete it lets the students see if the circuit is successful.


For the digital art, we shared two different versions:

  1. Python Spiral Art – We created interesting spirals that we can modify using a library called turtles, and loops.
  2. Processing Generative Art – We created a code that creates circles at a random position on the screen and fills them with colours. By using loops we can repeat this random position and colour until it manages to entirely fill the screen.



Furthermore, STEM Minds sponsored the First Robotics Team to present their annual robot to the community. People attentively gathered around to watch the robot showcase its skills in action, and everyone was impressed by the First Robotics Team’s creativity and dedication to the project.



The event was very successful and allowed our team to connect with families of all backgrounds. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and stopped by at our booth, it was a pleasure to meet all of you!