On June 4th 2023, STEM Minds joined over 500 vendors at the Aurora Street Festival to connect with families. As York Region’s largest community event, the Aurora Street Festival provides an array of activities, street performers, food and music to the heart of downtown Aurora.

STEM Minds offered hands-on STEM activities to visitors. From robots to circuits to video game design, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Using our robotics table, kids of all ages amused themselves controlling our Dash robots, EV3s and BeeBots! From racing each other to making sounds, the children left a little more inspired and cheerful then when they arrived.

This year, we also partnered with MakeStuffMove, a company focused on bridging the gap between STEM and trade education. From a moving bucket to a beating heart, children were captivated with what they could do with common tools, materials, hardware and electronics.

Keeping with tradition, STEM Minds sponsored the St Max’s FIRST Robotics Team at the festival. This year, their robot was programmed to catch items such as traffic cones.

The event was quite successful where staff, volunteers, parents, and kids all took part in the fun! We are so happy we had the chance to connect with all the wonderful families! We can’t wait for next year!