Some people may be wary of integrating tech into the everyday classroom, but it really can have a huge impact on student learning! Technology is a part of kids every day reality, in a way that is very unlike when many of us were kids. Technology is not separate but rather a part of their lives and students can benefit from integration of tech into their learning. Kids at a very young age are publishing content onto a wide range of platforms, from YouTube, to SnapChat, Instagram and more, and its beneficial for kids to learn to navigate tech-based spaces mindfully as well with the help of their parents and teachers!


We live in a very tech-based world and kids can benefit from learning tech-based skills.


When integrating technology into the classroom, it can reinforce key technical skills that kids need to thrive in the 21st century and can increase engagement and enhance learning in the classroom! We need to teach kid independence with technology to transfer to other scenarios and help them become the inventors and innovators we will need in the future!


Even just bringing in technology to the classroom can be a way to change up classroom routines and generate excitement about learning! Technology can allow teachers to bring new resources into the classroom and provide children with the opportunity to be more interactive in the classroom such as with apps, educational games, or even online quizzes.


And this does not just apply to older students, even young students can benefit! Even young children are capable of exploring technology through photography concepts, robotics, or STEM build projects. Adding technology to the classroom can allow young students to develop curiosity and problem solving skills. Young students can benefit from these technology literacy skills to use a wide range of technologies effectively. This way, they can more independently navigate digital tools to enhance their learning later on as well!


Technology can even enable students to pace themselves with their learning and assist in a more individualized learning experience. If a student needs to go back to a module to review, then they can at their own speed! Technology can help to match alternative learning styles of different students and assist in student success in the classroom.


Much as we love tech, we aren’t trying to say that technology should replace play based learning or other traditional types of learning in the classroom. Rather, technology can be a supplement to a wide variety of activities and can assist in engagement in the class for all ages of students! Technology can support learning, even at a young age!