On July 1, 2022 STEM Minds took part in Canada Day communities festivities at Lambert Wilson Park in Aurora, Ontario. Our team brought exciting technologies for both children and parents to experiment with and provided information on how they could start their own #fearlesslearning journey. 


Our youngest learners were able to learn to code with BeeBots. They were thrilled to watch these adorable robots move based on their commands This was an exciting activity which sparked curiosity and innovative thinking within young children. Parents were happy to learn that STEM Minds is still hosting STEM Summer Camps and programs during the school year for kids who are interested in continuing their learning!


In addition, children were able to learn about snapcircuits and digital art. The snapcircuit is a circuit kit that has different components like batteries, lights, buttons, and more that students can “snap” onto the boards and connect using wires or connectors. Once the circuit is complete it lets the students see if the circuit is successful. Kids were also able to learn about programming digital art displays using Arduino hardware.




The event was very successful and we were able to connect with many families in the community. It was a pleasure meeting everyone who stopped by!