Now we have concluded our #Design2030 design challenge! Over the past 3 weeks our students have worked hard to share their best ideas on what they would like the world to look like by the year 2030!

The purpose of this project was to provide families with meaningful projects that they can work on while schools are closed and to increase awareness about the UN Goals and how we all play a part in achieving them.

Thank you so much to all of the students who participated throughout all of these challenges! We were consistently impressed with the solutions you came up with! We sure hope some of these solutions can become a reality someday. While the #Design2030 challenge is over, keep an eye out on our Facebook for more live videos and challenges from us!

Keep reading to see just a few of the awesome submissions we received in our final week.

Monday March 30: Goal 10 Reduce Inequalities

The STEM Minds challenge: Design an app or website that helps inform people of the situation in a developing country, and include solutions or suggestions for how to help based on the following UN Target: By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

Kaitlyn’s website: https://349041319.wixsite.com/helpchina

Tuesday March 31: Goal 13 Climate Action

STEM Minds challenge: Design a video game that teaches people about what they can to do help combat climate change! Be sure to include specific ideas on what individuals or families can do to help!

See Kaitlyn’s Game here! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/381415910/

And check our Deea’s Game where you can collect power ups to stop pollution:

Wednesday April 1: Goal 14 Life Below Water

STEM Minds challenge: Your task for today is to design a solution to help combat ocean pollution. Your solution can take the form of a physical prototype, an app, or a business idea. You may want to pick a solution that is either informative or focuses on reduction in it’s scope

Luke’s business idea:

“My company’s idea is to create mechanisms to detect chemicals, oil and fats, and disposal of medicine through people’s toilets. Why do I want to make sewer filtration better and more efficient?

Well we don’t think sometimes that throwing oils and waste down our drains and toilets can affect the rivers and lakes. When people also throw medicine or other harmful objects down the sink into the sewers, it then is sometimes thrown into the lake or rivers nearby. My idea is to create a basic filter that can detect and remove basic objects that have been thrown down into the sewers. Though my biggest goal is to remove tiny particles from pesticides, oil, and powdered medicine which could mix into the water or dissolve which may make it harder. That is why I want to create a detector and monitor so the workers can monitor the machines for any problems.

The detector is place on the wall which is also in the water and it has a line across from each end. Then it has smaller detector connected from top to bottom of the sewers to detect particles. It start from Big objects to medium (candy wrappers, toilet paper, wrappers, etc) and then it has more stages. Every city or town has diffrent types of stages to ensure the safety of the water around them.”

What an innovative solution to the problem! Awesome work, Luke.


Thursday April 2: Goal #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth

STEM Minds challenge: For today’s challenge, we want you to create an app or business that would help promote youth employment in your town or area. You can use any technology tool that you wish to create your vision!

Luke S’s Company: “So my company first of all is going to help the youth with disabilities to help them prepare for the events in adulthood and also just people who just may need help as a youth. Now I feel that my company should buy stores across the city or town that we specifically chosen so we can set up jobs and classes in there that are available to many people. They come there and look at what job or class they may like and they bring it to a volunteer in the shop. That volunteer helps them get into that job or class so the person has a better chance of getting into the class or job they like.

I’m just thinking of improving other companies that’s also have this idea. I’m supporting that idea and creating a company that may help people better.”

Kaitlyn’s  Company: “If I had a business to help youth promotion it would be if your young, you call and make an appointment and then when you come in  for your appointment there’s someone waiting for you. They ask you some questions and they show you some jobs. All the jobs they would be showing you are jobs that you would like and that you would be very good at, and they make sure it’s a job easy enough for you that you can get promotions , but an hard enough job that it challenges you.”

Friday April 3: Goal #15 Life on Land

The STEM Minds challenge: For your challenge today, design a solution to help combat one of the following areas:

  • Deforestation
  • Drought
  • Loss of biodiversity/Species extinction
  • Poaching

Your solution can take the form of a physical prototype, an app, or a website.

Check out this amazing drone prototype by Kaitlyn!

“This is my prototype to help stop deforestation. I made a drone that you tell it what forest you’re going to cut down and it goes there and does a quick scan of the trees. Then it calculates which trees you should cut down and how many you should cut down. You would have a chip that has Bluetooth and the drone will send all the information it scanned and send it to the computer. The little red square on the bottom is the part of the drone that scans the forest. That is my prototype to help put a stop to deforestation.”


Thank you so much to everyone that participated in many different challenges! It was awesome to see all of the different designs you came up with and we looked forward to seeing all of your submissions every day. Keep an eye out for more challenges from us in the future!

If you are still looking for activities to do at home, check out our self-directed courses, or consider registering for some of our virtual STEM camps!