With Family Day just around the corner, we have some great ways for your families to explore the exciting world of STEM together! These STEM activities are fun, hands-on, and most importantly, they will provide your family with a great way to bond and learn together.

Check out the following fun, hands-on STEM activities you can do from home!


1. Build your own marble run! Make your own marble run tracks with your budding engineers! All you need for this fun challenge are some cardboard rolls, painter’s tape, and a marble.

Image: https://aroundeight.wordpress.com


2. Get coding with Kodable! Learn coding and explore fun puzzles with Kodable! This free app is one of our favourites for getting started with code, and can be launched through tablet or computer! 

Image: https://www.kodable.com


3. Design a Paper Bridge. Put your design skills to the test as you build sturdy paper bridges! Form two stacks of books, and use paper and tape to create a bridge that spans the distance between the stacks. You can test the weight of the bridge using coins, and adjust your design to build the sturdiest bridge!

Image: https://www.sciencebuddies.org/


4. Make a Stop-Motion Film. Film and photography are excellent ways to integrate arts and STEM – and all you need are some props, a device to film (phone, iPad, tablet, etc.), a free Stop Motion Animation app, and a riveting story!


5. LEGO Balloon Car Challenge. Design and build your own LEGO cars and see how far they’ll go when powered by a balloon! You can find the details for this challenge here. You can work to optimize your car together, or have a little friendly competition!

Image: https://www.science-sparks.com


These STEM activities are fun, hands-on, and most importantly, they will provide your family with a great way to bond and learn together. We’d love to see how you celebrate Family Day with STEM, so send us pictures of your STEM creations at work, or tag us on social media with your posts! We can’t wait to see the creative and innovative ideas you come up with.