Father’s Day is coming up fast (June 21st in case this took you by surprise!). If your father or father figure is a compulsive tinkerer, then you have come to the right place! Check out our gift guide for our Father’s Day gift guide for Makers.


To start, you can always default to the classic gift card so they can pick out whatever they want themselves (Amazon, Home Depot, Canada Computers etc.) But if you are more of a gift type of person, you may be a little stuck on what would be the perfect gift for a Maker.


Start a New Hobby

If your father is the type of Maker who has absolutely everything, then the perfect gift is to help them start a new hobby! Considering that we may all need to continue spending a lot more time at home given the state of the world, this will be the perfect gift to help him keep busy.

You can either choose to purchase the materials yourself, such as tools and wood to start whittling, yarn to start crocheting, or an animation tablet (if you want to splurge). This will require a little bit of research on your end to decide what the best materials are.

Or, you can support another Maker by purchasing a starter kit for a new hobby. For this gift option, Etsy will probably be the best place to start:

Soap Making Kit

Book Binding Kit


Makers are always looking for the next new hobby to start exploring so a beginner kit is a great gift for the person who has everything.

If you are still feeling indecisive about which hobby your father would want to take up, you can purchase him a subscription to Skillshare! Skillshare will allow him to tackle any new hobby or skill he is looking to learn. He can learn animation, how to cross-stitch, learn a new coding language, and more. This way, he can choose whatever interests him and start learning at his own pace.


Maker Paraphernalia

If you think your father is all set for his hobbies, then get him something that will let him represent the Maker life! You can never have too many fun t-shirts, so find him something that suits his interests and he will wear it with pride.


Fun Maker Socks Robot socks

Science Socks

T-Shirts Microcontroller

Circuit Pattern

Robot Anatomy



Rocket Mug

Tools Mug


And that wraps up our Father’s Day gift guide for Dads who are Makers. We hope this helped you pick out something that either lets your Dad represent his passions, or discover a new passion! Whatever gift you decide, remember the perfect addition to any gift is spending time with him learning to be a Maker too. You never know, you could discover a new Maker-hobby along the way.