eGift-Robotics Mastery Pathway (Beginner)

eGift-Robotics Mastery Pathway (Beginner)


🖥️  Ages 8+

Calling all future engineers and roboticists! Robotics is the ultimate real-world application of coding that challenges students to combine their programming skills with real-life problem-solving. In our Robotics Mastery Pathway, you will get hands-on experience with programming and robotics through a challenge-based approach with a variety of different robots and tools.

Complete 3 courses in this Mastery Pathway to earn a micro-credential backed by Digital Promise! Click here to learn more.

Courses Include:
a. Robotics with Sphero
b. Robotics with Dash
c. Robotics with LEGO™ EV3
d. Coding with micro:bit
e. Coding with Arduino

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