In the summer of 2022, STEM Minds was invited yet again to be a key mentor in the SPLICE Project Summer Program.

Last year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the York District Catholic School Board brainstormed on a Safe way to keep students engaged during the summer while expanding their skills and interest in various areas of science, technology, engineering, and math.

Hence, the SPLICE Project Summer Program, an extension of the SPLICE Project initiative launched at St. Jerome CES, was created. This program was a virtual summer camp experience where students could work on a self-directed, research project of their choice under the guidance of teachers and community organizations.


During the program, STEM Minds provided participating students with a list of STEM-related topics to pick from to expand their knowledge and skills this summer. This year they chose 3D design, animation, video game design, and computer music.

Our team did an introduction to these areas for students and gave them access to our online learning platform, STEAM Hub, to continue their learning through our courses.

After learning more about the different areas of technology, students then reflected on their learning process and created a passion project based on it.

Students have access to STEAM Hub until the end of summer, which gives them the freedom to study subjects at their own speed, boost their STEM confidence, and inspire them to pursue a passion and potentially a career in the field.


It has been an honor to be a part of the SPLICE Project throughout the years. We are thrilled that the York Catholic District School Board has continued expanding the SPLICE Project to give more students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in these incredible learning initiatives.

We are committed to helping schools launch these types of programs and look forward to observing how this cutting-edge approach to education will expand moving forward.

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