A short list of resources:

STEM learning is everywhere. Here are some resources we found on the web, thought you may be interested! We do not endorse any of these resources but are sharing out of courtesy!

This is Carnegie Mellons Virtual Robot program where kids can learn robotic programming without physical robots. If you want to buy the robots there are Canadian resellers available where you can buy in CAD:

Alice is an environment to learn programming and 3D modeling. This was built by Carnegie Mellon:

For younger kids age 4-6, Kodable is a great platform for learning basics of programming:

Tynker is also a very common platform for learning how to program through games. You can use the free play area for some basic free access:

MIT has a platform called Scratch which is also used for learning to program:

This is a great program for building 3D models that you can then go to your local library and get them printed on 3D Printers:

For kids who want to enjoy building animation and cartoons, this is a good site to explore:

Lego(R) Education is also a good reference site for kids and education based programs:

If you have any resources to share, please send us a note at info@stemminds.com