We are so grateful to 608Design for all of the amazing work they have done helping us design and build awesome furniture for our new location! Collaboration and making will take on a whole new meaning once you see what we have in store! Stay tuned for more details and be sure to come check us out in June to see it for yourself!

608 Design is a creative consulting and manufacturing company run by Evan Bare. They design furniture, medical devices and tiny homes. Evan began his career with hands on learning approach to furniture design and manufacturing. By working with various commercial and residential companies of the years, he acquired the foundation to create his own ideas using techniques that set his products apart from mainstream thinking. His goal is to fuse craftsmanship with technology by using 3d modeling and CNC machining.

As said by Evan, “It is the hands one, turnkey approach to development that excites me the most. Seeing a product from concept to reality is what I love about the development cycle. 608 focuses on design for disassembly construction and optimizing material yields while using environmentally responsible materials.” STEM MINDs is privileged to have the support of Evan in making our new place come alive!