Learning and Earning!

Registering your student for STEM learning just got better. 


Children can actively participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) learning even during these changing educational times with STEM Minds.

PLUS you can get 2x the Miles when you enroll in our live virtual classes or camps until April 30th, 2021!  

on-demand courses

We’ve got curriculums across all STEM subjects because building a wide range of skills in these areas can often be limited. STEM Minds has developed programs to inspire young minds of all ages to learn, question, and challenge themselves to explore these subjects to the fullest.

Online STEAM Hub Courses (Ages 8-14)

Youth ages 8-14 can check out STEAM Hub online courses for a full range of STEM learning experiences that they can explore at their own pace.


  • Mastery Pathways
  • Inclusion of Art
  • Flexible Parental Support & Affordable Pricing

Live Virtual Classes (Ages 4-7 & 8-14)

Participants ages 4-7 and 8-14 get hands-on, collaborative STEM learning experiences with expert instructors and other awesome kids.


  • Live instructor-led by certified teachers
  • Interact and collaborate with like-minded youth
  • Access to STEAM Hub course 

What Parents Are Saying

“Challenging, supportive and fun environment! STEM Minds is constantly changing their programming to stay current and relevant. Staff have education backgrounds and can support all abilities and kids with exceptionalities! Our kids have been attending since the first day they opened their doors – they love it!”

– Jill M


“STEM Minds is a place where curiosity and creatively is encouraged. From graphic design, 3D printing, Cad design and video game design, STEM Minds covers a variety of programs and gets kids thinking about what is possible and that there is no limit on what they can do. My son has shared details of the programs with engineers in our family and they are blown away by what he has learned with TinkerCad and how he is thinking about engineering & design. Aurora is a better place with an organization like STEM Minds in it – I would highly recommend their programs to anyone.”

– Sarah H


“I can’t say enough about what STEM Minds has done for my kids. STEM Minds has provided a fun, hands-on environment for my kids to learn about robotics, coding, VR, etc; basically, the future of tech and employment. The education system needs to catch up to what STEM Minds is providing!”

– Tom I