Santa Claus Parade in Aurora – November 26th, 2016

HackerSpace Event – November 26th, 2016

Our New Equipment

Carvey - Desktop CNC Millcarvey2 equip43dprintersCubicon 3D Printer equip3 equip2

Newmarket Santa Claus Parade – November 19, 2016

Science Expo – MARS – November 12, 2016

Maker Science and STEM Club

TAVES – Consumer Audio Visual Electronic show 2016

Our visit at Camp Illan: Summer 2016

HackerSpace Event at NewMakeIt in August

MakerFest at NewMakeIt in June

CubeIt Event at Newmarket Magna Center


STEM MINDs Open House at NewMakeIt


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Aurora Street Festival in June

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Robots and our FLL Teams!

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Family Night at Sathya Sai School

IMG-2016-04-29-07-13-46 IMG-2016-04-29-07-14-14

Open House at Country Garden Montessori Academy

IMG 2016-04-29 07-10-00 IMGP0294IMGP0310 IMGP0308 IMGP0306 IMGP0294 IMGP0280 IMGP0285

Kicking off our FLL team in April 2016

IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3406 IMG_3407

Showcasing our programs to young children!