A recent report by the World Economic Forum stated that the jobs of tomorrow will rely heavily on a good grasp of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Education, and Math)We are committed to providing opportunities for youth to explore and build skills across various areas of STEM and all of our programs employ a holistic approach. We know that teaching kids how to tinker with technology is not enough we are passionate about empowering youth on their journeys to becoming confident, compassionate, and innovative leaders

Now more than ever, youth need to become self- directed, lifelong learners. This means we need to alter how we teach and what we teach to unlock their full potential. 

But how can these critical 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking be delivered in curriculum- connected ways



We are proud to have partnered with TalentEase to provide STEM learning opportunities that not only build STEM competencies, but also focus on developing these key life skills. TalentEase, which operates in India, strives to support children, young adults, teachers, parents, and schools by providing resources and programs that foster critical 21st century skills. This partnership was very meaningful for us at STEM Minds as it allowed us to begin expanding our programs to a likeminded global audience while broadening our impact in supporting youth

Our partnership with TalentEase has involved working with both teachers and students. We hosted professional development sessions for educators in the TalentEase network and provided them with access to our online learning platform, STEAM Hub. Through this partnership, we empowered teachers and provided them with resources to help them bring holistic STEM learning into their classrooms

We also provided workshops to students in collaboration with TalentEase’s LEAD program a leadership development program that strives to integrate leadership skills and qualities with school curriculum. Through these workshops, students had the ability to explore new STEM topics while integrating and continuing to develop these crucial skills.


We are very fortunate to have had the chance to work closely with students and educators through TalentEase. It was a pleasure being able to explore the exciting world of STEM with them while integrating 21st century skills to prepare students for success. See what participants had to say about the program.

I have been learning the LEAD + STEM course for the past six months. I learnt a lot of skills like self responsibility, teamwork, confidence and many more. Along with these skills, I am also learning STEM related skills such as animation, video game design and robotics. I’m excited that these sessions have become a huge part of my life!

Steven, Grade 7 Student

Last week I heard my girls talking about how much they enjoyed the class and how different it is from what they do at school. School is more about following what they teach you. However, TalentEase LEAD + STEM Minds gets kids to think and explore. They enjoy the challenge and homework. Thank you for doing this program!

Sabrina, Parent

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to expand our offerings and support youth on a global scale, and look forward to continuing to make STEM learning more accessible across the world!

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