Gift of Learning


Give the gift of learning. With dozens of courses to choose from, students have the opportunity to explore everything the world of STEM has to offer. Our mastery-based learning pathways provide options for students to level up their learning and dive deeper into specific areas of STEM.

Day Of The Week
Monday Programs:

Ages:4-7: Robotics Club (5:30pm-6:30om)

Ages: 8-17: Game Design and eSports (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Tuesday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: n/a


Ages: 8-17: Digital Art and Media Club (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Wednesday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: n/a


Ages: 8-17: Young Entrepreneurs (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Thursday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: Junior Maker Club (5:30-6:30pm(

Ages: 8-17: Project Based Learning (5:30pm-7:00pm)

Saturday Programs:

Ages: 4-7: STEM Club (9:00-10:00am); Jr. Digital Art and Media Club  (10:15-11:15am); Computer Engineering Club (11:30-12:30pm)

Ages: 8-14: STEM Club (9:00-10:30am); Coding Club (10:45-12:15pm); Robotics Club (12:30-2:00pm)

Ages: 12+: Advance STEM Club (9:00-10:30am); Computer Engineering  Club (10:45-12:15pm); Robotics Club (12:30-2:00pm)

Live Virtual Classes

Our Live Virtual classes are generally offered as Hybrid classes aligned with our In-Person program delivery in EST time zone.

Ages 4-7

Ages 8-14