The Future of Food and Farming: Innovations in Horticulture and Indoor Agriculture

STEM Minds and Boreal Farms –  Why Join Us!

This Employment Ontario Project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario


This project is designed to address the existing skill gaps in the agriculture sector across York Region and Simcoe County by empowering Grade 11/12 high school students looking at career options, community youth looking for upskilling/reskilling opportunities, and transitioning workers with immersive learning experiences, industry-relevant curriculum, and community engagement activities related to horticulture, indoor agriculture and sustainable food production.

This initiative is funded by the Skills Development Fund (SDF) with objectives to:

  • foster a resilient workforce
  • enable transition into in-demand AgriTech occupations.
  • support workplace and skilled trades experience,nurturing strong partnerships across the educational and agricultural sectors.

This project / program will build foundational and transferable skills related to food and farming as well as an introduction to innovations across the agri-food value chain that are driving productivity in a rapidly evolving industry.

Participants will be engaged in both theoretical and practical workshops that will help them develop an understanding of sustainable Horticulture and Indoor Agriculture systems.

Subject themes will introduce:

  • regenerative agriculture
  • controlled environment agriculture
  • community supported agriculture
  • agriculture technologies
  • aquaponics
  • local food systems

Participants will have the opportunity to experience and understand both the history and innovations that have transformed the agri-food value chain around the world through local tours, case studies and expert training sessions.

This program will incorporate both theoretical and practical components that seeks to strengthen the student’s understanding and application of skills and the required skills to gain employment in the agricultural sector.

This program is for:

  • Grade 11/12 High School Students exploring career options
  • Youth 15+ and Adults looking to upskill/reskill


STEM Minds and Boreal Farms have formed a  partnership to offer the following programs, funded by the Skills Development Fund:

    • Access to AgriTech Learning opportunities for schools
    • FREE Community Nights for Public Awareness
    • Hands On AgriTech Summer Camp @Boreal Farms
    • Networking and Employment Opportunities
    • Access to Soft Skills Learning Resources
    • Access to Health and Safety Resources
    • Access to Mental Health Resources

If you are an employer interested in partnering with us and giving our participants an opportuniy for employment, apprenticeship, co-op placement, please register with us using this form – Employer Registration Form. Please send the completed form to info@stemminds.com and we will connect with you.

If you are a participant of our programs listed above, please complete this form – Participant Registration Form and email to  info@stemminds.com or hand it to the program instructor.

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